Chicago Girls

Chicago GirlsA term ‘Chicago Girl’ is usually related to a very attractive woman from the neck up, but who is disappointingly big sized in body. The term appeared after Tucker Max's statement that Chicago women don’t like exercising much as the swimsuit season shows. However, it is not true about all Chicago women. Chicago girls are different and they come in different ‘packages’. Everyone will find what he likes among Chicago women.

Chicago is a very big city with life constantly changing and developing and that is why rather hectic. Chicago women tend to manage to keep up with time, modern tendencies and fashion. They are educated, independent and self-assured in the good meaning of the word. In Chicago you will meet women of various ethnicities, races and backgrounds. However, the dynamic life style keeps everyone ‘updated’ on the gifts of modern civilization.

Chicago women occupy different job positions and even the most challenging are not the exception. Chicago is a great place for building a brilliant career in any domain, and many Chicago women take advantage of this; some choose their families and home hearth and most of them try to ‘juggle’ the two (and some manage to succeed).

Chicago woman is a woman keeping up with the times.


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