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First Date: how to dress.

Unless you have got mental conversations with the girl about the meaning of life and other things, which you allow to flash the intelligence and erudition, she will evaluate you on your appearance, by your gestures and behavior in general. That’s why we would like present the main recommendations that will emphasize your taste.

In order to properly dress for a first date, think about the place where your date will be. The chosen style of dress, of course, should correspond to the place where you invite a girl. If it's a restaurant, choose a classic style of clothing. It will be foolish, if your companion comes in wonderful evening dress, and you will stagnate in jeans and your favorite sneakers. But the classics in this case should not be pretentious. If you come in an awkward suit that my mother bought you at graduation, you will feel uncomfortable, the only desire that will haunt you - to quickly finish the evening. You can restrict the classic comfortable pants, shirt and jacket. Pants and jacket need not be the same color, but they should match the style. It is better undo jacket because in this case you show your openness. Buttoned jacket intuitively causes stress. You can also undo the top button of the shirt.

If you have chosen a date into the park, you can wear jeans. The main requirement is that they must be clean. The requirements for footwear are the same as for jeans. They is, of course, must be clean. Dusty boots spoil the impression of any look.

When deciding what to wear on a first date, stop your attention to the calm clothing colors. Variegated Hawaiian shirt fit for a date only to Hawaii. It is better to choose dark colors (blue, brown, black), they are comforting the girl and harmonize with any of her dress. Do not wear a tie on a first date. It's just a meeting with the girl, not an job interview. Tie is an attribute of a business meeting.

As for the accessories on the first date, you can choose the clock and cufflinks. Rings, earrings, large decorative chains and bracelets must be removed. A man who looks more like a dude cause just smile and sympathy. Leave women the right to shine with precious metal. All available documents, keys and wallet are better to put in a small bag over the shoulder. Your hands should be free for hugs. 

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Of course, you should smell nice. It can be the smell of a clean body, or a slight masculine perfume. The aroma should be slightly perceptible. Also advice to smokers: brush your teeth, wash your hands and forget smoking during the date. Many women can not stand the smell of tobacco.

When planning how to dress on the first date, do not forget about such important point as flowers. Flowers are selected depending on the age of the lady. It can be elegant roses, and perhaps delicate bouquet of violets. The only thing which should be taken into account is that the bouquet should not be heavy. You will have to walk with it. Also bouquet should not be cumbersome. In the restaurant you can ask the waiter to put it into the water. Think about your lady and try to care about her comfort. Do not bring huge flowers that are not comfortable to walk with. It would be much better to present some nice and romantic bouquet. We hope that this information is useful for you! 

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